See your processor speed, CPU type and memory
See the path of your Internet connection on a world map
Identify connectivity bottlenecks, see where IP addresses and web servers are located.

See traceroute, ping, reverse DNS, IP location info

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WhoAmI - Provides quick verification of Internet connectivity diagnostics on your system such as local and external IP Address, Gateway, DNS, TCP/IP status, and more.

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CPUInfo provides quick verification of key system parameters such as processor speed, model number and cache settings. CPUInfo is a 'no install' program, just download cpuinfo.exe and run to see your results. No installation is required.

Measured CPU Speed: The speed of your CPU, as determined by the actual performance measurement of your CPU. The speed text color is black, unless your CPU has a speed rating (see 2 below). Red means your CPU is overclocked -- running faster than the manufacturer rating. Yellow means your CPU is running slightly faster that it is rated . Green means OK.

Rated CPU Speed: If present (normally present on any Pentium 4 or later CPU), the actual manufacturer rated speed of your CPU. Your CPU should be running at (or below) this speed.

Caches: A detailed description of your Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 caches as provided by your CPU. In general, the larger the cache sizes (as compared to another computer system), the faster your computer system will run.

Memory: The speed that your CPU can access the memory in your computer, in megabytes per second -- as determined by timing a large memory to memory transfer. The larger this number, the faster your computer system will run.

Trace email messages, track suspects

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